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What is the NERDbody 2 X 4 Challenge?

It's a no-sweat challenge for achieving better fitness, energy, and performance!

Just do a simple and fun 2minute activity
sent to your mobile phone 4 times day by your NERDbody Coach.
>> NERDbody Activity Reminders are sent 4 times a day.
 8:00 AM)
It's a great day for change Bob, and change starts when you do!
10:15 AM)
"Well Done is better than Well Said. "--Benjamin Franklin!
 2:00 PM)
Studies show NERDbody creates better energy than afternoon coffee. Do your NERDbody!
 4:30 PM)
"Bob, You win when you start and you win when you finish. You really are a winner"
"This is by far the easiest and most fun fitness program I've ever participated in. I don't even think of it as exercise. It's four simple activities that I do during the day. And the benefits are physical and mental."
Vere Spandow CEO Loyalty Benefits LLC

The Encouragement We All Need.

Your NERDbody Coach:

  • Sends you 4 unique, fun, quick, and effective physical activities Monday - Friday.
  • Helps you improve your Mobility, Posture, Strength and Metabolism
  • Motivates you to reach new levels of fitness, performance, and productivity
  • Encourages you to give yourself permission to do your best and forget the rest
  • Provides accountability so you can track your progress towards enjoying a healthier, happier you!
  • LifeHacks, Tips, and Motivation, from the NERDbody Blog.

    A real NERDbody Warrior

    A NERDBody Testimonial Case Study Hip and back surgery before age 37. 10-12 hour days at his computer for 25+, after age 50 has 6 USA Masters Track & Field Titles, an USA Age Group Record and more... read more...

    NERDbody Boosts Productivity!

    A NERDBody Productivity Case Study See how one group of professionals is increasing their productivity by working smarter instead of harder with NERDbody. And they still have more energy after work and on weekends! read more...

    Don't Forget

    A NERDBody Productivity Case Study Exercise can improve your Memory, and your creative thinking, problem solving and attitude. NERDbody is the easy No-Sweat way to incorporate exercise into your busy day. read more...

    Sitting to an Early Grave

    Program Let's be real. Your kushy job could be killing you! Spending 6, 8, 10, or more continuous hours being physically inactive is destroying your health. (Even, if regularly go to the Gym) Yet, for all your good intentions, your current approach to fitness is doomed to fail. read more...
    "You guys really cracked the code. I am a former body builder, ISSA certified trainer and am now CEO of an international business. I use this everyday through out the day. NERDbody is a GAME CHANGER for busy professionals everywhere!"

    Todd P

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