Better Fitness, Focus, and Productivity in 10 minutes per day!

For Women
Designed By Trainers
Tested By Nerds
Created For Everyone

It's time to re-think how everyone can achieve fitness.

The NERDbody Daily Fitness Program.

Let's be real. Fighting a busy shcedule and traffic to spend 60-120 minutes a day in the gym isn't going to consistently work for most of us.

But even more concerning is to spend 6,8,10 or more hours inactive at ours desk, ours phone, our computers is going to undermine our health and fitness goals even if we do get to the gym.

But there is better way. The NERDbody Resistance Fitness Program

QUESTION: If your health depended on it, are you smart enough to take a 1 to 2 minute activity break, 4 times a day?

Of course you are, and yes your health does depend on it.

Meet a NERDbody Warrior

A NERDBody Testimonial Case Study

Hip surgery, Back surgery, 12 hour days at his computer....and 5 USA Masters Track and Field Championships, an American Age Group Record, and a Triathlon all after age 50... read more.

Better Fitness, Focus, and Productivity in 10 minutes per day!

For Men
Become a NERDbody Warrior
NERDbody personalized coaching helps you keep on scheduile and on track!
For Men

Great results with our no sweat fitness program that you can do anywhere!

The NERDbody Daily Fitness Program takes less than 10 minutes a day, and comes with a complete set of resistance tubes, bands, grips, straps, access to the NERDbody activity resource center and a NERDbody coach to recommend what you do, remind you when to do it and help you track your success.

For Men

The NERDbody Daily Fitness Program is is based on Science, Convenience, and Common Sense! What could be smarter?

Disclaimer: The online tools, and tracking system was developed by professional nerds and proven on professional trainers!

No pills, powders, lotions, electrodes and No Sweat!

The 2x5 NERDbody Challenge!

2 minutes 5 times per day

Spend 1 to 2 minutes doing one simple movement, 4 or 5 times during the day to improve your health, fitness, focus, and productivity. A NERDbody coach will more.

Sign your Team Up for a NERDbody Fitness Program and watch production and satsifaction rise!

The NERDbody Games!

2 minutes 5 times per day

Building Better Brainiacs!

The Brightest Brains and Badest Bodies come together for this ultimate measure of survival requiring Intelligence, Problem Solving, Pattern Recognition, Strength, Endurance and Determination! Stay Tuned For More!


We set these requirements for the NERDbody Fitness Program:
  • Anyone, no, matter how fit, can do it anywhere
  • Each activity must take less than 2 minutes
  • You won't break a sweat
  • You never have to get on the ground
  • You easily take it with you when you travel.
  • It has to be easy to track your activity.
  • It has to be affordable.

    And, we designed it to deliver the following benefits.

  • It has to improve mobility and balance
  • It has to help posture.
  • It has to boost metabolism.
  • It has to provide resistance for building muscle.

    Then, we were rewarded with even more good news!

  • It improved mental focus and productivity at work
  • It increased our positive attitude and motivation.
  • We became more active in our lives outside of work
  • We shared it with our friends and they loved it!