Paying the price as a NERD.

I awoke in a fog, the smell of peroxide filled my nostrils and the first thing I saw was the morphine drip connected to my arm

Back surgery is one of the occupational hazards of being a software developer and really liking my job. But it was also needless.

My Name is Scott Eriksson and I am a career software developer, entrpreneur and consultant.

I've been this way my entire career and I love it. AND I have paid the price: Hip surgery in college, back surgery at age 36, weight gain issues, weakened core, bad posture etc.

By the time I reached my mid 30s I couldn't even play one game of basketball due to the pain in my knees, my hip and my back.

Although, I was a member of the high IQ society, MENSA, I clearly wasn't very intelligent about my own health and fitness. I was over complicating it.

Years later I discovered loving work and staying fit was much simpler than I ever dreamed!

Personal Productivity

In my late 40s, common sense showed me an easier, more effective, approach.

One that also came with amazing side benefits for my professional and my personal life.

In my fifties I have become a Mud Running, Flame Jumping enthusiast of life. I still work long hours and love my work, but now I also lead a healthy, active and even athletic life. Yes I said athletic!

I am 57 years old, I play in a weekly basketball league, and I compete in Masters Track And Field, having won 8 Age group National Championships. I even set the American Record for my age group in the discus throw.

And yet, I am still busier than ever with work, family, coaching youth sports and I rarely have time to get to the gym for even a one hour workout. But that's ok. I found a better way!

And so can you. Right here in the pages of the NERDbody Blog.

Turning Point

The turning point for me was changing how I thought about health and exercise. I knew somehow, getting fit could be fun, easy and it could integrate into my busy day at work, at home, or even on the road.

(And, you can still go to the GYM when you want to, but not because you think you need to.)

And we did it! After consulting with certified fitness trainers, strength coaches, and even professional athletes turned high performance instructors we came the ultimate no-sweat fitness program for nerds like me, and anyone else who spends too much of their day sitting or standing still.

If you are willing to do several 1-to-2 minute activities during the course of the work day I am willing to bet you will feel the difference as well. Take my two week challenge and see for yourself.

You have everything to gain. Better energy, better focus, better fitness, better life!

Developed by Trainers - Tested by NERDS

Let's get started with the NERDbody FOUR CORNERSTONES of getting fit, though we sit.

● MOBILITY. Increase your range of motion in your back, your hips, shoulders, neck.

● POSTURE. Re-engage your muscles critical to healthy alignment from head to toe.

● METABOLISM. Maintain your get up and go meatabolism and avoiding the "crash". Especially after lunch.

● STRENGTH. Strength your muscles, especially those that are weakened during our sedentary jobs.

You know what really gets me all pumped up? You can achieve big improvements in all 4 of these areas just by taking short NERDbody breaks of 1 to 2 minutes through out the day without even breaking a sweat. You can improve your balance, You can improve your body composition (more muscle, less fat). You can improve your overall fitness level and athleticism and here is the kicker... You can even become more focused and productive.... Read more one the following posts.... Coming Next. The Science of Taking Short Breaks!

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Scott Eriksson

There is opportunity to move all around you. Life is the gym...

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