Mobility may not get the attention that posture, strength, and metabolism do. But, without mobility everything else is limited. When we sit for long periods of time, especially leaning forward like we do at our desks, on our computers, or driving our cars our shoulders are hunched, or hips are flexed, our knees are bent at or beyond 90 degrees, pressure is on our discs to make them bulge and our necks are craned forward. No wonder we end up with overal body tightness, joint stiuffness, muscle imbalance, hip, knee, and shoulder pain as well as back and neck issues. First and foremost we need to address Mobility and we can do that. You can do that!


Posture is our personal sales pitch, to others and even to ourselves. Good posture increases the confidence we have in ourselves.and that helps others have more confidence in us. For decades, studies have shown that posture affects our physical performance AND our mental performance. Good posture has been shown to benefit memory, focus, and even improve how well we communicate with others. Our challenge is that sitting for long periods weakens the muscles that help us stand straigh, with shoulders back and chin up. We (You) are going to see how easy it is to address this and imporve your posture through out the day...You can do this!


Strength comes in many different forms, mind strength, emotional strength, and of course physical strength. I am not talking about competing in the World's Strongest Man competion here. I am talking but about the strength to get out of your chair without putting your hands on your desk. I am talking about the strength in your core to protect your lower back while sitting, the strength in you upper back and shoulders to prevent hunching forward and yes, I am also talking about the strength to allow you to do better, and have more fun, participating in activities outside of work whether it be golf, soccer, cricket, frisbee, parkour or just beinjg more active with friends and family, . Let's incorporate some No-Sweat strength improving activities so you to gain the confidence to live a more active, satisfying and strong life! You can do it!


Metabolism affects the amnount calories you burn during the day. General speaking a higher metabolism leads to less body fat. But the activities we do through our the day, usually while we sit, do not increase our metabolism. In fact our sedentary work days combined with our eating habits lead to major matabolism crashes throughout the day. Ever experience that afternoonj CRASH that makes it all but impossible to keep your eyes open even when you are trying to solve the world's problems with our intricate and abstract solutions. We (you) are going to space you NERDbody activities out through the day and without breaking a sweat you are going to keep your metabolism from crashing and optimize your calory burn during the day. And, you just may find the energy for this after work for the activities you used to feel too exhausted to even think about. You got this!

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Scott Eriksson

There is opportunity to move all around you. Life is the gym...

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